African American Collections -- Drama Subject Guide
Earl Anthony (1940- ). Manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, and professional material from the playwright, author and activist, including several items regarding the African People's Repertory Theater.
Floyd Barbour (1938-2008). Manuscripts, correspondence, and printed material from the playwright and historian of the Black Power movement.
Lonne III Elder (1927-1996). Manuscripts from the notable screenwriter.
Sarah Jones (1973-). Manuscripts, correspondence, and other items from the Tony and Obie Award-winning American playwright, actress and poet.
Avon Long (1910-1984). A small collection of printed items and other material regarding the African-American actor.
Loften Mitchell (1919-2001). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, and other material from the prominent African-American playwright, author, teacher, and early leader of the black theater movement.
Ben Vereen (1946- ). Manuscripts, correspondence, photographs, audio and video recordings, and other items from the great African-American singer, actor, dancer, and Broadway star.