African American Collections -- Novels Subject Guide
Barry Beckham (1944- ). Manuscripts, correspondence, research material, printed material, and other items from the notable author.
Hal Bennett (1930-2004). Manuscripts from the notable African-American author.
Rosa Guy (1923-2012). Manuscripts from the award-winning African-American author, including six unpublished novels, as well as various short stories, articles, interviews, and speeches.
Gayl Jones (1949-). Several manuscripts of various works by the groundbreaking, acclaimed African-American novelist and poet, including her novels Eva's Man and Mosquito.
John Oliver Killens (1916-1987). Manuscripts from the notable author.
Anne Petry (1908-1997). Manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, photographs, audio recordings, and personal memorabilia from the pioneering African-American writer, including drafts of her novels Country Place and The Narrows, as well as her biography of Harriet Tubman.
Robert Deane Pharr (1916-1992). The Robert Deane Pharr collection consists of the manuscript, setting copy, and galleys of Pharr’s novel The Book of Numbers (Doubleday, 1969).
Carlene Polite (1932-2009). Drafts and notebooks by the African-American writer, for her groundbreaking and influential novel The Flagellants.
Henry Van Dyke (1928-2011). Manuscripts from the notable author.
Dorothy West (1907-1998). Correspondence and photographs from the prominent African-American writer and important contributor to the Harlem Renaissance. The papers include letters from Countee Cullen, Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston; also present is a short manuscript by Countee Cullen.
Frank Yerby (1916-1991). Manuscripts, correspondence, and other items from the popular African-American historical novelist.