Boston University Artist & Poet Books


The Artist and Poet Books have been created as a unique form of creative collaboration for almost twenty years by Boston University's College of Fine Arts and the Graduate School. Each second-year CFA graduate art student creates a unique artist book which illustrates and prints a single poem by a Graduate School student or faculty writer.

The concept of a printed book is played with, and taken to its limit by these creative artists. Some books are portfolios of loose pages, specially bound; some are scrolls with text and artwork; some include video or audio artifacts of the original creation; and some are sculptural, with text incised on the sculpture's surfaces.

The Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center has collected a limited number of these books, beginning in 2010. With this project, Boston University can honor its students' creativity, and develop a unique collection of these very special artist books.

This exhibition is no longer on display.

BU Artist & Poet Books
BU Artist & Poet Books