Howard Thurman: Philosopher. Theologian. Educator.


This exhibition examines the life and work of one of the twentieth century's most extraordinary public theologians, educators, and civil rights figures, Dr. Howard Thurman (1899-1981). Selected by Life Magazine in 1953 as one of the twelve "Great Preachers" of the twentieth century, Dr. Thurman addressed more than five hundred colleges and institutions around the globe, received seventeen honorary degrees, and authored over twenty books.

Material on display covers his years at Boston University as Dean of Marsh Chapel and a faculty member at the School of Theology; his Pilgrimage of Friendship to India, Burma and Ceylon; his many lectures and sermons; and his correspondence with many of the twentieth century's greatest figures, such as A. Philip Randolph, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Langston Hughes, Albert Schweitzer, Mahatma Gandhi, Coretta Scott King, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

This exhibition is no longer on display.

Howard Thurman