Ready to Vote: Media & Politics
 HGARC explores the role of media in politics  in the 2008 presidential election. With Jonathan Alter, Newsweek; Tom Ashbrook, WBUR; David S. Bernstein, Boston Phoenix; Ida Lewis, Encore: American and Worldwide News; Renee Loth, Boston Globe; Debra Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle; and Ernie Suggs, Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Running Time: 1:58:05.
Associated Personal Entities:
Bernstein, David S.
Saunders, Debra
Suggs, Ernie
Loth, Renee
Lewis, Ida E.
Ashbrook, Tom
Alter, Jonathan
Carroll, John
Associated Subjects:
Ready to Vote Series
Notable Figures
1. Bernstein, David S.
2. Saunders, Debra
3. Suggs, Ernie
4. Loth, Renee
5. Lewis, Ida E.
6. Ashbrook, Tom
7. Alter, Jonathan
8. Carroll, John
Associated Subjects
1. Ready to Vote Series