Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership Lecture: Panel Discussion Highlights
A roundtable discussion of experts discussing the lasting influence of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the Humanities and society, featuring Prof. Christine King Farris, Prof. Angela Farris Watkins, Prof. Gene Jarrett, Prof. Clayborne Carson, Prof. Walter Fluker, Prof. Isabel Wilkerson, Prof. Charles Griswold, Prof. John Stone and Dean Hardin Coleman. Running Time: 39:48.
Associated Personal Entities:
Watkins, Angela Farris
Griswold, Charles L., 1951-
Stone, John
Jarrett, Gene Andrew, 1975-
Wilkerson, Isabel
Fluker, Walter E., 1951-
Coleman, Hardin L. K.
Carson, Clayborne, 1944-
Farris, Christine King
Associated Subjects:
Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership Lecture
Notable Figures
1. Watkins, Angela Farris
2. Griswold, Charles L., 1951-
3. Stone, John
4. Jarrett, Gene Andrew, 1975-
5. Wilkerson, Isabel
6. Fluker, Walter E., 1951-
7. Coleman, Hardin L. K.
8. Carson, Clayborne, 1944-
9. Farris, Christine King
Associated Subjects
1. Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership Lecture