Educating the Bay State's Next Governor
BU students questioned the Massachusetts gubernatorial hopefuls - and our panel of experts led by Prof. John Carroll and analyzed the answers. The Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center taped Boston University students' questions addressed to the candidates for Massachusetts governor and then recorded the answers they gave. Running Time: 13:35.
Associated Personal Entities:
Baker, Charlie
Cahill, Timothy Patrick
Patrick, Deval
Stein, Jill, 1950-
Domke, Todd
Miller, Melvin B.
Perez, Natasha
Vennochi, Joan
Whalen, Thomas J., 1964-
Bernstein, David S.
Carroll, John
Associated Subjects:
Ready to Vote Series
Notable Figures
1. Baker, Charlie
2. Cahill, Timothy Patrick
3. Patrick, Deval
4. Stein, Jill, 1950-
5. Domke, Todd
6. Miller, Melvin B.
7. Perez, Natasha
8. Vennochi, Joan
9. Whalen, Thomas J., 1964-
10. Bernstein, David S.
11. Carroll, John
Associated Subjects
1. Ready to Vote Series