Rosenberg & Snowden: Jonathan Alter on the Death Penalty
Journalist and Author Jonathan Alter talks about his work on death penalty cases and how it relates to the Rosenberg case. Running Time: 11:45.
Associated Personal Entities:
Lukes, Igor
Wippl, Joseph
Meeropol, Robert
Meeropol, Michael
Rosenberg, Julius, 1918-1953
Kinzer, Stephen
Alter, Jonathan
Rosenberg, Ethel, 1915-1953
Carroll, John
Associated Subjects:
Friends Speaker Series
Notable Figures
1. Lukes, Igor
2. Wippl, Joseph
3. Meeropol, Robert
4. Meeropol, Michael
5. Rosenberg, Julius, 1918-1953
6. Kinzer, Stephen
7. Alter, Jonathan
8. Rosenberg, Ethel, 1915-1953
9. Carroll, John
Associated Subjects
1. Friends Speaker Series