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Letter 1360: In this jovial broadcast, Cooke talks about a lawyer friend who comes back to live in America after living years abroad in Paris. When he is processed through immigration in New York, he encounters several issues regarding U.S. customs restrictions. 
Letter 1362: This episode deals with the rise of "liberation" movements in the United States, specifically the Women's and Male Liberation Movements of the 1970s. Cooke discusses the political resistance to these movements, as well as their impact on American law. 
Letter 1560: Cooke dives into the white stuff known as snow. This broadcast recounts all the reasons why Northerners (especially Vermonters) feel so comfortable during the coldest season of the year. 
Letter 1561: This broadcast deals with the fall of the communist regime of Pol Pot, whose Khmer Rouge were defeated by an invading Vietnamese army. Cooke also discusses the history of post-World War II diplomacy in the troublesome continent of Asia. 
Letter 1562: Cooke addresses American media coverage of the Shah of Iran's flight from Tehran in the wake of radical unrest. Cooke muses on how headlines and stories about violence can effect otherwise rational foreign policy. 
Letter 1563: Cooke discusses President Jimmy Carter's "lean and austere budget" and how it flies in the face of Democratic tradition since at least the New Deal. 
Letter 1565: Cooke recounts Deng Xiaoping's 1979 visit to the United States and muses about the possibility of expensive, Chinese-made chopsticks or porcelain in Dallas stores. Mr. Cooke also discusses China's relationship with the US and how it angers the Soviet Union. 
Letter 1584: Cooke describes how seeing Bill Stewart, a news reporter, shot dead in Nicaragua in front of TV cameras, brings home the horror to Americans; and treaty negotiations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union continue, despite suspicion on both sides.
Letter 1566: The threat of oil rationing in America is the main topic of this program, but Cooke also muses on Chicago, its famous gangsters like Al Capone, and Wyoming's attempts curb gas consumption by dropping the speed limit to 55. 
Letter 1567: Cooke begins his talk by discussing snow, his love of it, and why snowy days are perfect for inveterate cowards. Cooke then addresses the new Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). 
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