The Fundamental Ends of Life #1
June 14, 1959
June 14, 1959. Running time: 40:13. First sermon in a three-part series on the "Fundamental Ends of Life." Thurman describes three models for looking at life: treadmill, saga, and pilgrimage. He uses the latter model as a foundation for this sermon and the two to come. Life is always moving, and it is important that humans recognize their finiteness in the larger picture of life that always continues. The crucial question to think about is the extent to which an individual participates in the direction and goals toward which her or his life is moving.
Associated Personal Entities:
Sherrill, Lewis Joseph, 1892-1957
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
Associated Subjects:
Ben-Hur (Motion picture: 1925) Ben-Hur.
Jones, Rufus Matthew, 1863-1948. Fundamental ends of life.
Sherrill, Lewis Joseph, b. 1892. The struggle of the soul.
The Fundamental Ends of Life (Series)
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