Hanukkah Sermon
Dec. 14, 1952
Dec. 14, 1952. Running time: 34:36. Note: This recording includes portions of different recordings. The first recording occurs before the formal sermon and the second occurs after the sermon. Thurman reviews the historical events surrounding the tradition and celebration of Hanukkah. Thurman uses Mattathias as an exemplar of what he calls the compromise technique. The compromise technique involves establishing points at which individuals "draw the line" and establish the boundaries of their ethical and moral commitments. Mattathias was committed to ethical monotheism and accept the consequences of his commitment without regard for his physical existence.
Associated Personal Entities:
Mattathias (Jewish priest)
Judas, Maccabeus, -161 B.C.
Associated Subjects:
Religion and ethics
Hellenistic culture and society