Readings from Meditations of the Heart, Part 1 of 2
June 26, 1967
June 26, 1967. Running time: 25: 04. All religions are in basic agreement with regard to the experience of humans expressed in the simple affirmation that there is in God strength sufficient for my needs whatever they may be. Either God is the creator of life or God is not the creator of life and if God is the creator of life then there is inherent in life itself that sustain life. These are laws of growth and maintenance as long as they are not blocked. It is our moral responsibility to know how life operates within us. God is in the midst of our lives as courage, insight and confidence. God is in the midst of anxiety and anxiety blocks the free flowing spirit of God.
Associated Personal Entities:
Thurman, Howard, 1900-1981
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Immanence of God
Life--Religious aspects--Christianity
Ethics -- morality