We Believe: The Meaning of Love
Mar. 7, 1958
Mar. 7, 1958. Running time: 14:12. Thurman discusses love as something that gives and finds its strength in its ability to keep giving to us. Religion insists that God loves man; God's love provides man with the strength and confidence and the ability to anticipate and be aware of other people's needs and be able to respond in proper course. He also says that love does not demand that love be given back in response to its own giving. He reads passage from Bible defining the characteristics of love and reads a fable written by Schreiner to illustrate the natures of love.
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Schreiner, Olive, 1855-1920
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God (Christianity) -- Worship and love
We Believe (Television series)
God (Christianity) -- Love
Bible. N.T. Corinthians, 1st