Jesus and the Disinherited: #11: Hate (Part 2)
May 3, 1959
May 3, 1959. Running time: 44:14.Hatred is an authentic emotion but it is ultimately destructive. Hate destroys one's creativity because it makes a person become focused on what is wrong in their life. In religious life, hatred cuts off a person's connection with God. One must "develop a desire to be rid of" hatred and enter into community with other people and God. To combat hatred we must be responsible for our actions and how we respond to others. God's power includes the power to make us desire to forgive and to love others as He loves all people. Welcoming God into yourself leads to freedom from hate.
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Schreiner, Olive, 1855-1920
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Jesus and the Disinherited (Series)
God (Christianity) Attributes
God Omnipresence