Jesus and the Disinherited #12
May 24, 1959
May 24, 1959. Running time: 46:11. Love is positive and creative whereas hate is positive and destructive. Love seeks to maintain and further life "at its highest level." Christianity's love ethic distinguishes it from other religions. Actions informed and motivated by love are rooted from the center of the human being where the spirit of God dwells within all people. Acting in this sense includes acting toward enemies with love -- the concept of passive resistance described and practiced by Gandhi. The resulting act is a spiritual act. Note: this was the final radio broadcast of the Marsh Chapel Sunday Morning service and re-broadcasting of the Sunday evening service.
Associated Personal Entities:
Schreiner, Olive, 1855-1920
Associated Subjects:
Jesus and the Disinherited (Series)
Passive resistance
Social change