The Meaning of Commitment #4: The Bond that Unites
Apr. 1, 1951
Apr. 1, 1951. Running time: 32:27 (incomplete). The bond that unites is the reaction of an individual or a group to come together to destroy a violent force from outside. Human suffering sometimes causes bonding when it has a shared aspect to it. This is the case when people converge to help lighten somebody's burden of suffering. The city-states of ancient Greece would also put aside differences to unite against group danger. Some people build this bond because their own personal wholeness causes them to view and deal with others as whole people also, without judgment or bias. The Fellowship Church's goal is to build this sort of wholeness in the world.
Associated Personal Entities:
Schreiner, Olive, 1855-1920
Associated Corporate Entities:
Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples (San Francisco, CA)
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Meaning of Commitment (Series)
Suffering -- Religious aspects
Commitment (Psychology) Religious aspects