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After Dr. Thurman's retirement from Boston University, he established the Howard Thurman Educational Trust. The Trust secured Dr. Thurman's audio library of recorded sermons, lectures, seminars, and meditations. The Trust duplicated some of that remarkable library and established Howard Thurman Listening Rooms throughout the US and in seventeen other countries. Some of the material from the library, and more, is now available here in this Virtual Listening Room. Enter a search, or select one of the terms noted below to access decades of Howard Thurman's wisdom, extraordinary voice, and delivery of the spoken word. To investigate the inventory of both Thurman collections, use the Search the Thurman Papers box.

Please note that many of these recordings represent entire services from Marsh Chapel at Boston University.  You may hear music and parts of the religious service recorded before Howard Thurman takes to the pulpit for his sermon.  

If you are browsing the files by year and month, and a given year or month is not represented, it means there are no digitized audio records for that time period.

Some of these digital files represent one or more reels of audio tape.  The original audio tapes are preserved as part of the archival collection and are described on the inventory of the Howard Thurman Collection.  In order to create the best possible listening experience, we digitally joined the separate segments of each sermon so that you could hear each lecture or sermon as if you were there, in the presence of Thurman, without having to "turn the tape over".