The Gotlieb Center at Boston University Announces the Acquisition of the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Archive

The Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center is proud to have the compelling Julius and Ethel Rosenberg letters. The collection, acquired from the Rosenberg's sons, Michael and Robert Meeropol, includes correspondence from their time in prison, letters to their sons, and other archival material.

Included in the collection of letters are prison letters from Julius Rosenberg to his wife, children, mother, sister and lawyer Emmanuel H. Bloch; then letters between Julius and Ethel once she, too, was incarcerated; as well as Ethel's letters to family and Bloch.

All of the letters between Julius and Ethel have been published and annotated by their elder son Michael (Garland, 1994).  Over three-dozen of the letters between the Rosenbergs and their family and Bloch have never been available to researchers or the public.  This moving collection ends with Ethel Rosenberg's hastily written pencil notes to Bloch on the day of her execution.  

To allow the greatest access to the remarkable correspondence, the Gotlieb Center presents this new website dedicated to the Rosenberg Archive.  This site hosts an electronic, searchable listing of the collection as well as the digitized correspondence and other relative material.  Visitors are able to view high-resolution images of the more than 500 letters written between Julius and Ethel Rosenberg during their incarceration.