Letter from Julius Rosenberg to Ethel Rosenberg, 5/29/1952
Box 1 Folder 10
Letter from Julius Rosenberg to Ethel Rosenberg.
He tells her a reappearance of the sun after a cloudy day made him long to spend time with his family. He longs for news about the case, which he hopes to get from his brother. Since Manny has been busy with legal preparations for their Supreme Court date, they have not seen much of him lately. He muses that it has been almost two years since their imprisonment, but that the government's scare tactics have not been enough to stop the progressive movement. He argues that "the fact that the hyenas of yellow journalism are braying so loudly" against them and their cause demonstrates that it is they who "are in mental fear of the truth," not the Rosenbergs and the progressives.
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