Letter from Julius Rosenberg to Emanuel Bloch, 12/22/1952
Box 2 Folder 2
Letter from Julius Rosenberg to Emanuel Bloch. Five pages. Begun 12/22, ended 12/25.
He writes about his life in 1933, as a high school senior who was debating whether to work or continue into college. He chronicles the first moment he began to be aware of and involved in the labor movement. He recalls an incident that occurred in 1934 at City College, where he was a student. The president of the school attempted to endorse fascism, and the students reacted strongly against it. He remembers protests the students subsequently staged against fascist Italy and Germany and to free the Scottsboro boys. He remembers when he began to realize the horrible effects of racism against African Americans in the city and the Harlem riots that occurred as a result. He explains that he is writing of these incidents because these are things that he had to experience to learn. He also mentions his experiences with an auto worker's strike in which he participated. Because of these experiences, he has learned the principle of democracy, which makes it impossible for him to make a deal with the government as the government seems to want. He writes that 16 years before around this time he met his wife, who helped him make it through school. He sings Ethel's praises and then expresses his desire to be reunited with her. He describes the cell he lives in, emphasizing that even though the cell itself contains "no beauty, no joy and no cheer" he is able to find those within himself. He wonders what his wife and children are doing on this Christmas Day, which leads him to meditate on the tremendous amount of good will people have shown to them. In two postscripts, he asks Manny if he could get their family pictures back from the FBI and lets him know that the cards people have been sending them have been doing them a world of good.   
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Bloch, Emanuel H.
Rosenberg, Julius, 1918-1953
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Capital punishment--United States.
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Rosenberg, Julius, 1918-1953--Correspondence
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