"Rosenberg Children's Trust Fund Correspondence" 1954-58
box 3 folder 7
Correspondence of the Rosenberg Children's Trust Fund. Also includes financial documents. Includes mostly TLS, but also ALS, TL, and ANS.
Letters, mostly to and from Gloria Agrin, the attorney who replaced Emanuel Bloch in the administration of the trust fund. Contains letters she sent out to the other trust fund chairs informing them of important developments, including the death of Emanuel Bloch, their audit by the IRS, and donations by Jero Publishing to the trust fund. Also includes letter exchanged between her and the Meeropols concerning their adoption of the children and the monthly checks they received. The financial documents relate to the IRS audit and the budget of the trust fund.
Associated Personal Entities:
Bloch, Emanuel H.
Meeropol, Abel, 1903-1986
Meeropol, Michael
Meeropol, Robert
Associated Subjects:
Tax auditing
Rosenberg, Julius (1918-1953) and Ethel (1916-1953)
Rosenberg, Julius (1918-1953) and Ethel (1916-1953)