"Rosenberg Children's Trust Fund Correspondence" 1953-59
box 3 folder 6
Correspondence of the Rosenberg Children's Trust Fund. Also includes printed materials. Includes mostly TLS, but also ALS, TL, and AL.
This set mostly concerns the children's custody. The majority of the letters were written in response to the children's removal from their home in early 1954 and the subsequent legal battles involved in locating them again in the Meeropol home. The later letters detail the negotiations surrounding the monthly payments from the trust fund to the Meeropols for the maintenance of the children. The printed materials include fliers from Bloch's tour to raise the money for the trust fund and fliers handed out in the children's name to publicize their removal from the Meeropol home. Of interest also are letters between Gloria Agrim, the attorney in charge of the Rosenberg children after Bloch's death, and John Wexley, who solicits information from Agrim about the Rosenbergs and their trial for a fiction work.
Associated Personal Entities:
Meeropol, Abel, 1903-1986
Meeropol, Michael
Meeropol, Robert
Rosenberg, Ethel, 1915-1953
Rosenberg, Julius, 1918-1953
Associated Subjects:
Rosenberg, Julius (1918-1953) and Ethel (1916-1953)
Rosenberg, Julius (1918-1953) and Ethel (1916-1953)