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Correspondence of the Rosenberg Children's Trust Fund. Also includes financial documents. Includes mostly TLS, but also ALS, TL, and ANS.
"Affidavit of Fabricant with statements of Bloch denying deal for Greenglasses" (photocopy), 6/8/1953, 3 p.
Research 6/8/1953
"Rogge affidavit re: Bloch and denying deal" (photocopy), 6/8/1953, 3 p.
Research 6/8/1953
Memorandum of money received for inmate.
Financial Material 11/21/1951
"FBI teletype re: informant (Tartakow?) conversation with Bloch" (photocopy), 8/17/1951, 4 p.
Research 8/17/1951
"Rogge office memo on Bloch meeting with Bernard Greenglass" (photocopy), 10/27/1950, 2 p.
Research 10/27/1950
Pamphlets of a transcript of the Petition for Certiorari record, vol. II. Books 1-4. Third printing, published by the Committee to Free Morton Sobell.
Printed Material 6/07/52
Transcript Record of Petition for Certiorari Vol. 1. Books 1-4. Third edition, printed by The Committee to Secure Justice for Morton Sobell.
Printed Material 6/07/52
Addressed to "Mr. Manuel H. Block, (Now Appealing The Julius- Ethel Rosenberg Case), Sing Sing Penitentiary, New York, New York", sender unknown, postmarked 2/14/52.
Correspondence 2/14/52
"Comments on Abby Mann Treatment/Outline/Script in the making," by Michael Meeropol, 23 p., n.d.; includes TNS from Meeropol to Mann at beginning.
Manuscript n.d.