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Title/Description Content Type Date
"An Examination of the Authenticity of the VENONA 'Intercepts,'" by Morton Sobell, 7 p., 9/30/1996; includes copies of VENONA cables.
Manuscript 9/30/1996
Letter to the Editor of the Times Literary Supplement by Michael Meeropol, 2 p., 1/27/1984.
Manuscript 1/27/1984
"Jello Box Justice in America,'" by Jane Bradley-Sitko, 12 p., 1982.
Manuscript 1982
"FBI memo reflecting FBI failure to show espionage by Weinstein as claimed by Tartakow" (photocopy), 10/15/1951, 3 p.
Research 10/15/1951
"FBI teletype re: undisclosed informant (Tartakow?) info re: J. Rosenberg espionage activities" (photocopy), 6/21/1951, 4 p.
Research 6/21/1951
"The Rosenberg Case Revisited," by Jack Gold, 44 p., n.d., includes holograph notes.
Manuscript n.d.
"Statement By Michael Meeropol, Older Son of Ethel and Julius," by Michael Meeropol, 10 p., n.d.
Manuscript n.d.
Letter to the Editor of The Book Review, by Robert Meeropol, 2 p., n.d.
Manuscript n.d.
Statement on the Khrushchev's allegations, by Robert and Michael Meeropol, 3 p., n.d.
Manuscript n.d.
Reaction to the VENONA intercepts by Robert Meeropol, 11 p., n.d.; includes holograph notes.
Manuscript n.d.