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A 1953 score for Ethel Rosenberg's poem "If we die" by Edino Krieger. Also includes corr and photo.
Manuscript 1953-1967
Print-outs and clippings, re: Morton Sobell, and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
Printed Material 2008
"An Examination of the Authenticity of the VENONA 'Intercepts,'" by Morton Sobell, 7 p., 9/30/1996; includes copies of VENONA cables.
Manuscript 9/30/1996
Pamphlets and Booklets created by National Committee To Reopen The Rosenberg Case, and National Committee To Secure Justice For the Rosenbergs, and various other groups,
(1950-1953, n.d.).
Printed Material
Printed material relating to NCRRC. Includes corr.
Professional Material
From Vicki Gardiner files, Correspondence, press releases, newspapers clippings, pamphlets and booklets, re: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, (1967-1977).
Professional Material
"Loyalty Oath of M. Sobell," 1/27/1939, 1 p.
Photocopies, includes correspondence, 16 p., (1952).
Legal Material 1952
"Elitcher interview memo re: Rosenberg, Perl, Sobell (missing p. 6)" (photocopy), 4/5/1951, 6 p.
Research 4/5/1951
"Loyalty Oath signed by M. Sobell" (photocopy), 6/26/1941, 1 p.
Research 6/26/1941
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